The Golf equipment market in general has made huge advances in the last 10 years & golf belts such as the ones at along with clothing in general is just a tiny percentage, even with all the sponsorship that is currently flooding the professional circuits. This does one major thing & that is to set the high street trends through professional exposure, which is exactly the same for all the hardware trends & new innovations.

However, there is one area of the golf market that isnít affected by any trend at all & that is the high tech analytical area of the game. Iím talking about all the ďbehind the scenesĒ equipment that is now common place at all the top golf establishments around the country. Even the average pro shops & clubs have an element of this technology, the likeís of Digital Video Analysis equipment such as GASP for expert diagnosis of swing faults during golf lessons, launch monitors such as Trackman & Golf Achiever or effortlessly distinguishing which is the right set of irons or new driver for you.

The high end establishments will also often have Biomechanic measuring equipment such as K-Vest for putting exact figures to angles of Tilt, Lateral Bend & Rotation during the swing. Force Plates like the SAM Balance Lab give the coach vital new information regarding weight positioning at any one point in the swing, previously an unknown quantity. This alone can be one of the main reasons for major faults in the golf swing.

Putting is an area of the game not previously analised  but this has now all changed thanks to a fantastic piece of equipment now on the market called SAM Putt Lab which enables the user & coach to measure 28 parameters of the putting stroke, from face angle change to acceleration peaks. There is nothing on the market that gives anywhere near this amount of data on this area of the game.

So, where can I see & find out more about all this equipment I here you ask, well, there is only one company in the world which undertakes the installation of all the equipment mentioned above & that is GASP SYSTEMS LTD based in Exeter, Devon. So, is your link to finding out all you will ever want to know about these products, just click on the links page where you will find the GASP SYSTEMS LTD link.
The links page also contains a link to the first of a new generation of High Definition Golf Simulators & they are . They are different for many reasons but the main ones are, firstly, all the screen imagery is in High Definition picture format, with movement, so it is as near to real life as you can get, itís not the usual computer generated graphic image you are used to. The second is that you can shape the shots you hit. For example if you hook or fade the ball, that is exactly what you see on the screen. Never before on any other simulator has this been possible & it is due to the fact that hdgolfsimulators use a combination of high speed & infrared cameras that track all the ball flight even when putting.

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